About Scott Land Company



Scott Land Company of Cherokee County, Texas is a family company owned and founded by Carl E. Scott, a Texas Real Estate Broker.  Mr. Scott has over 40 years’ experience in Real Estate.  He was co-founder & owner of Scott Realty, Inc. d.b.a. Texas Land Company with former State Representative Buck Florence. 

Through the years Mr. Scott has primarily dealt in the sale of raw land and residential construction.  Mr. Scott is a Vietnam Veteran and has enjoyed specializing in the sale of Texas Veteran Land Board (TVET) tracts.  His company has sold as many as 50 Texas Veteran Land Board tracts in a one month period.

Whitney Mathis, and McKenzie Smith, both of Mr. Scott's daughters, have both joined in the family business.  Whitney in helping with land and residential sales, and McKenzie with residential building doing business as JM Smith Homes in East Texas.

Gary Calvert, also a Veteran and a 1969 West Point graduate, joined the company in 2016. He has extensive business experience with Proctor and Gamble, JC Penney Insurance and USAA. He, like all of Scott Land employees wants to serve the Veteran Community.



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